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New Title Press Release!

Repairing the Benzo Blunder: A Mosaic of Recovery
by Marjorie Meret-Carmen,M.Ed.

A story of hope, recovery, and the aftermath of an unwitting affair with Ativan.

Coming March 30th, 2018
Moonglade Press

Everyday, ordinary people are prescribed Benzodiazepines to help them cope with anxiety or insomnia. Everyday, someone takes a little white pill and unwittingly begins down a path that changes their life forever.

In 2007 Marjorie Meret-Carmen was one of those people. While dealing with her husband’s decline into dementia, she was not sleeping and began having panic attacks in the middle of the night. Her Doctor, following common protocol, prescribed Ativan.

In Repairing the Benzo Blunder, Marjorie charts her painful journey through Benzo dependence, withdrawal, and recovery. Her story is told with poetry, journal entries, and science based research. She traveled the world looking for answers and is now offering her own conclusions about this 60 year old pharmaceutical travesty.