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Repairing the Benzo Blunder: A Mosaic of Recovery by Marjorie Meret-Carmen, M.Ed.


This is the author’s story of her journey into and out of dependence on benzodiazepines, too commonly prescribed for chronic conditions.



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In this Memoir, Marjorie Meret-Carmen chronicles her painful 10 year journey through Benzo dependence and withdrawal.
While caring for her husband during his long decline and eventual demise from dementia, she was having trouble sleeping, and having panic attacks during the day. Her doctor prescribed Ativan/Lorazepam (a Benzodiazepine) to help her.
This Memoir follows Marjorie’s journey through the labyrinth of dependence, grief, the agony of withdrawal, and recovery. She bares her soul with journal entries, poetry, and confessions of hopelessness.
As Marjorie began to recover, she decided to act on the knowledge and experience she gained to bring benzodiazepine prescribing practices to the forefront of public awareness. She organized The International Benzodiazepine Symposium, in September 2017, where benzodiazepine experts, addiction specialists, and medical practitioners from around the world came to find solutions to this age old pharmaceutical travesty that has compromised millions of peoples.

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About the Author:

Marjorie Meret-Carmen, M.Ed. is an educator, freelance writer, and social and political activist. She wrote Repairing the Benzo Blunder: A Mosaic of Recovery during her dependency and ultimate recovery from a benzodiazepine.
As founder of Advocates for Social Reform, Marjorie works toward finding solutions to social issues that have been plaguing society for centuries.
Marjorie earned a Master’s degree in Education from Antioch University in 1979.