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Snowbound Stagecoach by Lenora Whiteman


A fact-based historical fiction set in Oregon in 1862 during an epic snowstorm. Follow several westbound passengers as they struggle to get back home in one of the worst storms Oregon has ever seen.


Snowbound Stagecoach    By Lenora Whiteman

At least two men dead, two more lost in a blizzard, and a half-dozen more men with frostbite, perhaps facing amputations … How did a simple stagecoach
ride from Walla Walla, Washington Territory to Dalles City, Oregon become a nightmare? How could men who each carried a fortune in gold end up walking through a blizzard? And how did a brave pioneer wife bring her son and her nephew safely through isolated weeks on scant rations and with a dwindling firewood supply? Find out in this fact-based account of the terrible blizzard of 1862.