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Moonglade Press would like to introduce our talented and dedicated authors. 

Monica Graham

Monica M. Graham lived in Germany with her parents, her younger brother, and sister. When she was nine years old, they moved to America. Over the years Monica has painted many pictures, some she gave away, many she entered in fairs where she won numerous first place ribbons. She has published in Highlights for Children and Pack of Fun for craft ideas. She has also had a story published in Bread for Children. Monica took a correspondence course from the Institute of Children Literature. She was a teacher’s assistant for many years and is currently working at a day care. Monica also teaches Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. Monica and her husband have two grown sons. She now lives in Central Oregon with her husband.

Alice Elshoff

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Marjorie Meret-Carmen

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Ellen Waterston

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Our newest author Jocelyn Pedersen and her memoir Seeds Of Hope, A Journey through medication and madness toward hope. 

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