About our newest author

Ellen Waterston is a literary arts advocate and award winning poet and author. Hotel Domilocos, her fourth book of poetry, will be released April of 2017. In 2015 Waterston converted her third collection, the verse novel Vía Láctea: A Woman of a Certain Age Walks the Camino, to a libretto which premiered as a full-length […]

Why “Moonglade?”

Founder Marjorie Meret-Carmen, inspired by her father’s artwork, envisioned Moonglade Press to be a way to send an author’s reflections into the world.  Each author’s experiences and inspirations are a fundamental building block in our individual journeys to learn what we can from this world and translate that learning into ways to make the world […]

Hello world!

Welcome to Moonglade Press! We are an independent publishing house committed to producing educational and inspirational works from all walks of life.